Puntos Corazón Europa
Puntos Corazón Europa


No pre­vious pro­fes­sional expe­ri­ence or degree is required to become a Heart’s Home Missionary. The only require­ment is to be ready to give one­self fully. However, dis­cern­ment and prepa­ra­tion are both essen­tial in order to be humanly and spir­i­tu­ally pre­pared for the Heart’s Home mis­sion.

You can choose between 2 training ses­sions, each one is orga­nized in 3 week-ends, an intern­ship of 15 days and a “last week-end”.

  • Autumn session: From October to February
  • Spring Session: From February to September

You can leave at every time of the year.

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